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Spotlight on Magali

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Today is International Women's Day and is a great occasion to shine a light on our awesome vineyard manager, Magali Simonetti.

Michele Foster & Magali Simonetti, Solière rosé

As head of viticulture, Magali supervises all the vineyard workers and harvesters, and manages all of our farming and vine cultivation. And she can maneuver a tractor better than anyone you have seen!

If you look closely at the above photo, you can see how the vines are pruned in a pattern known as "Cordon de Royat double," which allows ample exposure of sunshine on the vines, permits the breeze to easily pass through the branches and keep the berries dry and healthy, helps the harvesters easily access the grape bunches, keeps the fruit off the ground, and also facilitates the pruning process, among other benefits.

We implement a sustainable farming philosophy known as "lutte raisonnée," which means "reasoned struggle" - essentially, this means we only use products to fight disease when needed, where needed, and only those that are non-toxic and respectful of the environment. We use an all-natural fertilizer made from composted sheep manure brought in from the French Alps. (We do have horses right next to the vineyard, but they don't generate enough compost for all 80 hectares!)

Today we raise a toast to wonder women everywhere. May you never cease to amaze!

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