Be the light of the party on every occasion with Solière, Provence's most luminous rosé.

Solière rosé captures the essence of the Provençal lifestyle in each bottle. The grapes used in the elaboration of Solière were caressed by the dry mistral winds that keep the berries in optimal health; kissed by the Mediterranean sun that shines on the region 300 days per year; and supported by the mineral-rich soil characteristic of the world’s premier rosé-producing region.  

Solière is elaborated using a low-temperature vinification process characteristic of France’s best rosés. One taste and you'll experience la vie en rose.


All the grapes in Solière come from a single vineyard just north of Aix-en-Provence.

coteaux d'aix-en-Provence

Solière is a certified Appellation d'Origine Protégée wine from Provence.

sustainable agriculture

We use natural fertilizers (organic compost) and sustainable farming practices.


PASSIONATE PEOPLE behind the wine

Michel Tardieu & Philippe Cambie

World-renowned oenologists Michel Tardieu, of Rhône Valley's Maison Tardieu-Laurent, and Philippe Cambie, Robert Parker's Oenologist of the Year in 2010 and foremost Grenache expert, advise on Solière's blend each year to ensure the optimal expression of each varietal's qualities.

Michel Tardieu and Philippe Cambie
Jérémie Peckre

Jérémie supervises the production team, including the cellar master and vine cultivators, to achieve the generous fruit expression, well-balanced minerals, fruits and flowers on the palate, and pleasantly acidic finish that characterize Solière.

Michel Tardieu and Philippe Cambie
head of viticulture
Magali Simonetti

Magali manages the vineyard, from the farming and vine cultivation to harvest. She ensures the superior quality and health of the grapes that make Solière, and can maneuver a tractor better than anyone you have seen! 

Michel Tardieu and Philippe Cambie
solière creator
Michèle Foster

I learned to appreciate great rosé living in Provence, but noticed that when traveling abroad, it was hard to find rosé of the same quality we drink at home. So I created an artisanal, estate-grown rosé for export of the same great quality we enjoy in Provence. Cheers! 

Michel Tardieu and Philippe Cambie


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